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Mesabrook Player Help and Support

If you are experiencing any technical problems while trying to play on the Mesabrook server, please refer to this page for information.

Common Problems

  • Unable to connect to Mesabrook or keep getting disconnected.
    - Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and can access
    - Make sure Minecraft is allowed through your network/computer's firewall.
    - Make sure your Internet connection is capable of multiplayer gaming.
  • Getting kicked during login for missing resource packs.
    - Make sure all of Mesabrook's required resource packs are enabled.
    - Make sure to run MCSync after each announced modpack update.
  • Low FPS.
    - Lower Minecraft's video settings.
    - Ensure your PC meets our Minimum System Requirements.
  • Game Crashing.
    - Try allocating more RAM to Minecraft.
    - Try closing unnecessary/memory-intensive programs while playing Minecraft.
    - Updating Java to the latest available build of Java 8.

    If you're experiencing frequent crashes on Mesabrook, please report it to us with the crash log file.
    How to find your crash-reports folder (Minecraft Wiki)

Mesabrook is a modded Minecraft Java Edition Forge 1.12.2 realism server focused around logistics and planning.

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