Before we go live...

We've got a lot of work to do before we can share Mesabrook with you. Because we want to be open and transparent with you, we've compiled a list of things we need to work on before we can go live. Please keep in mind that things can and do come up, so things may shift around/be added to this list as time goes on!

  • Allow railroads to track the location of railcars and locomotives
  • Allow companies and governments to bid on be awarded railcars and locomotives
  • Track trains separately from cars/locomotives on tracks
    • Track fuel usage to get consumption average
  • Charge governments/companies for the movement of equipment via Invoices
  • Utilize email notifications for various events
  • Automated process to apply awarded interest to all bank accounts
  • Ability to cap interest earned by total cash/entity
  • Cash/debit cards for player, company, and government accounts
  • Display shelves
  • Cash Register
  • Fluid meter
  • No returns yet
  • Update Ticked Save to mitigate current lag spike problem
  • Create various stores throughout Mesabrook to be shopped from
  • Ravenholm Zombie Food Stuffs must be built and operational
  • Players will receive a static amount of cash
  • Players will purchase items throughout the country
  • Possibly find and purchase select items as a goal?
  • Input task details and reward amount
  • Tasks to be reviewed by a supervisor once complete
  • Taxed Payout after supervisor approves
  • A place to view and manage bank accounts
  • View/challenge citations/arrests
  • Apply for jobs at companies
  • Complete tasks for companies hired on at
  • Players and companies are able to apply for bankrupcty
  • Players, companies, and governments are able to view bankruptcy information for anyone
  • All debts are forgiven
  • An automotive factory must be built and operational
  • Build a permanent lumber yard in/around Sodor City
  • Players will start with no cash
  • Players will hire on with various companies to make cash
  • Possibly find and purchase select items as a goal?
  • Will need to purchase vehicles, housing, etc.
  • Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Government
  • Numbered Addresses and Streets
  • Ability to setup property tax for properties, billed to current owner
  • License plate tracking for Government, Company, or Player
  • Automotive Licenses for players
  • Detain players and have them move with the detaining player/force to ride entities
  • Issue citations
  • Functional jailing of players
  • If someone dies, they get spectator mode for x amount of minutes without being able to do anything
  • Possibly limited to a specific area surrounding their death?
  • Disable spectator block clipping
  • Shout-out to Discord user Mašla06 / jblaccount for this idea!
  • A full Mesabrook testing experience starting from scratch
  • TBD
  • A full Mesabrook experience starting from scratch
  • Admins are encouraged to try to play in survival, but can switch to creative for any reason
  • Introduction lore is created
  • Alpha bugs are fixed
  • A full Mesabrook experience starting from scratch
  • Admins are strongly encouraged to play in survival, switching to creative should be avoided whenever possible. Try to solve problems in survival instead.
  • TBD
  • Server remains open in beta! Bug/experience fixes are rolled out incrementally
  • Mesabrook officially opens for the public
  • Admins are no longer allowed to switch to creative mode except in extreme circumstances. Requires council approval to do so.

Mesabrook is a modded Minecraft Java Edition Forge 1.12.2 realism server focused around logistics and planning.

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