Mesabrook is currently open to whitelisted players only.

There are no playtests
currently active or planned.

System Requirements:

In order to have the best experience possible on Mesabrook, we recommend that players have PCs capable of meeting the following requirements:

CPU: Quad-core Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon.
RAM: At least 12 GB available for Minecraft.
GPU: Dedicated NVIDIA, AMD, Intel ARC, or Apple Silicon.
OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11 - macOS Mojave or newer - Any Linux distro capable of running Java 8.
Java: Java Version 8

If your computer does not meet some of these requirements, you may still be able to play on Mesabrook. Just note that your experience may not be the best.

How to Join

Mesabrook's server IP is

Currently, Mesabrook is whitelisted, meaning that only approved players can join the server.

MesaSuite and MCSync

In order to get our modpack, you'll need to download either MesaSuite or the MCSync universal Java executable.


Mesabrook is a modded Minecraft Java Edition Forge 1.12.2 realism server focused around logistics and planning.

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